This is 38

38 is a nice round number. I feel old(er), but...I like it. With 38 comes more confidence in myself -- or maybe it's not as much confidence, as it is a feeling of "this is me, I accept me, and if you don't...that's okay." With 38 comes the hope of actively participating in my life,… Continue reading This is 38


Life is My Muse

Earlier this summer, a friend I hadn't seen in a very long time asked me where I glean my inspiration from. He was referring to my writing. He didn't want to know about my career--he wasn't concerned with knowing the publications I write for, or even the type of content I specialize in--he wanted to… Continue reading Life is My Muse

A Different Mother

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the fact that my first child and my twins have an exceptionally different mother. I mean, it’s still me – I am all three children’s mother, but many components of my parenting and personality are vastly different this second go-around as compared with the first.  When I… Continue reading A Different Mother